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The Bon Sauveur Deaf Institute
during the Battle of Normandy


Pierre Adeline

Pierre Adeline was a student at the Bon Sauveur Deaf Institute of Caen when the events of the landing of the 6th of June 1944 took place in Normandy.

From the moment the Battle of Caen started until the day he finally came back to his home at the beginning of September 1944, he reported the events he witnessed in a notebook.

This book is the moving and powerful testimony of a young boy who lived through these terrible moments of the war after losing his hearing ability in childhood.

André Saint-Antonin
Deaf Activist


René Legal

André Saint-Antonin became deaf as a child but this did not stop him from becoming a great activist who defended the cause of those who shared his disability.

A courageous man and dedicated volunteer, he was recognized throughout the world and received many distinctions. This book presents a broad outline of his life and, parenthetically, an overview of the history of associations for the deaf after the Second World War.